Infamy Guild (iRO Valkyrie)


Infamy is a new and uprising guild found on iRO's Valkyrie server, currently competing in WoE 1 and looking to climb the ladder up into WoE 2 as well.

We are currently interested in recruiting all Woe-ready 3rd class characters, provided that it is over the level of 110 and is presently your main. Due to a potential conflict of interest, we will not accept anyone with alts in opposing WoE guilds, pre-WoE or otherwise.

In addition to our weekly sieging, we also hold other guild-centered activities, such as Endless Tower runs and turn in parties. We have occasional surprise events, and have our own Ventrillo server for members to connect to.

If you find yourself interested in joining our team, feel free to leave your name here, or find one of our current members around the tables (right of Kafra) in Payon!